Try out the myMIS Platform

If you would like to try out the myMIS Platform, we have developed an Azure Resource Manager template that allows you to deploy to your own Azure subscription a version of our platform for you to use.

How to do it

You only need a Microsoft Azure Subscription, then click the button and follow the deployment process in Azure Portal.

In case you do not have access to an Azure subscription, you can utilize a Free Trial, or one of Microsoft's credit offers (such as for having a Visual Studio subscription).

We have a guide that assists in deploying and configuring the platform, which can be found on our GitHub .

What happens next?

The following resources will be created in your Azure subscription:

1 SQL Azure Database (S0 Level).

1 Azure App Service (Basic Plan).

1 Azure Storage Account (Standard-LRS).

Now, you can find the next steps in our Wiki.


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