Build Fast and Deliver Agile

NumbersBelieve is specialized on Agile Platforms for Cloud Solutions

myMIS.biz is our flagship product

myMIS.biz is a Platform designed for Agile Development and Operation of Management Information Systems (MIS)

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Low Code

Low code platform

Application are modeled using a business language

Smooth learning curve

Automatic deploy

Custom Code

Extensibility with custom code

Add your logic with C# code

Develop and debug with Visual Studio

All Devices

Ready for all devices

Model and use in the browser

Built with responsive web design

Multi Tenant

Ready to multi-tenant

Infrastructure ready to support multiple isolated tenants

Hybrid Cloud scenarios

Add your logic with C# code

With your own established brand

The platform can be deployed with your custom branding elements


myMIS.biz Platform

myMIS.biz is our flagship product. We give you the right tool for minimizing the time elapsed between requirements analysis and customer delivery.
Why are we different? Our modeling language is business oriented, not IT oriented.

Build Fast and Deliver Agile on the cloud
On myMIS you model applications with business definitions, not databases or forms artifacts.
You do not need to write code, no code is generated.

If you are an organizational IT department
Deliver MIS fast to you internal customers. In days, not in weeks/months.
Deliver frequently to accommodate business requirements changes.

If you are an ISV
As an ISV Partner you can deliver solutions on top of myMIS under your own established brand.
We can help you designing tailor-made products/services for specific customer segments.
Improve your innovation strategy and your competiveness.
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An Experienced Management Board

We are led by an experienced management team that brings 25 years of diverse experience and a history of success on MIS industry.
They are actively involved in our strategic direction.

A Young and Passionate Team

We have a young and passionate Engineering team with people from diverse backgrounds of technology.
Our goal is to be the #1 Dev/Ops platform for MIS delivery.
Our entrepreneurial spirit and passion for innovation is reflected in our products.

With Engineering Excellence Mindset

Always looking for the most appropriate development methodology.
We promote continuous knowledge growth and skill enhancements within our teams.



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