Low-code Business App Development

Flexible Core, Responsive Design, Fast Modeling

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Economic theory-based business modeling

Resources, Events, Agents

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OMNIA key advantages


Model your applications using a business language based on economic theory.

Hybrid CLoud

Connect your applications to any system (CRM/ERP/CMS).

Responsive Design

Build responsive applications that are ready for all devices.


Greatly reduce your product's development cicles, from conception to deployment.

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Host your applications on any cloud provider

Microsoft Azure
Amazon Web Services
Google Cloud Platform
IBM Cloud

"The decision of choosing OMNIA as our business application development platform allowed us to improve our own partners network, resulting in a overall value increase for both our company and our partners."

Jorge Batista
Co-CEO @ Primavera Business Software Solutions

OMNIA boosts software development for:


  • Easily build your business applications at very reduced cost and effort
  • Feed data to your application integrating it with any and all existing systems (ex: ERP/CRM/CMS)
  • Allow your IT department to easily keep up with your Marketing/HR/Financial department's needs by greatly improving it's time-to-market
  • Share your applications with your business partners, improving not only your business process effectiveness but also your company's added value

your client network

  • Take advantage of OMNIA's multi-tenant shared infrastructure to easily scale your client portfolio
  • Using our template-based development structure, easily add new and complex functionality to your existing projects with little added effort
  • Build your own SaaS (Software as a Service) business taking advantage of our white-label strategy option
  • Improve your time-to-market and surprise your clients with new and ready to use products/features delivered faster than ever before
  • Create applications ready for all devices, out of the box, with no added effort

Some data sources your new applications can use with OMNIA:

Microsoft Dynamics
Net Suite

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