Low-code Business App Development

Flexible Core, Responsive Design, Fast Modeling

Economic theory-based business modelling

Resources, Events, Agents

Key advantages


Model your applications using a business language based on economic theory.

Hybrid CLoud

Connect your applications to any system (CRM/ERP/CMS).

Responsive Design

Build responsive applications that are ready for all devices.


Greatly reduce your product's development cicles, from conception to deployment.

We provide solutions...

for your company

  • Easily build your business applications at very reduced cost and effort
  • Feed data to your application integrating it with any and all existing systems (ex: ERP/CRM/CMS)
  • Allow your IT department to easily keep up with your Marketing/HR/Financial department's needs by greatly improving it's time-to-market
  • Share your applications with your business partners, improving not only your business process effectiveness but also your company's added value

for your clients

  • Take advantage of OMNIA's multi-tenant shared infrastructure to easily scale your client portfolio
  • Using our template-based development structure, easily add new and complex functionality to your existing projects with little added effort
  • Build your own SaaS (Software as a Service) business taking advantage of our white-label strategy option
  • Improve your time-to-market and surprise your clients with new and ready to use products/features delivered faster than ever before
  • Create applications ready for all devices, out of the box, with no added effort

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Some out-of-the-box system connections


Microsoft Dynamics


Net Suite




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